Conclusion of “The Traction of Drawing” Symposium

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“The Traction of Drawing” concluded with a presentation by Prof. Marco Frascari to postgraduate students and lecturers from the School of Architecture and the School of Art and Design on Monday morning.

It was a lovely session and we would like to thank Marco Frascari for all his contributions during his stay in New Zealand. It was delightful to share in discussions with him and we very much enjoyed his company! There is hope that he may return to New Zealand in the future.

The symposium was well attended and lively and we would like to thank the presenters and delegates from New Zealand and overseas, keynote speakers Marco Frascari and Laurence Simmons, the pannelists and chair Fleur Palmer, and a large team of students and colleagues from The University of Auckland and AUT University for their help in making this a very successful event.

In the near future, we hope to post a video recording of Marco Frascari’s keynote and some images from the symposium.

A call for papers, with the same theme, for issue 11 of Interstices: A Journal of Architecture and Related Arts, “The Traction of Drawing”, will be posted in early December. We look forward to your contribution!

The 2010 Interstices Under Construction Symposium is already in planning and we expect the call for papers will go out March.

  1. Hi Tine,

    Will the video of Frascari’s keynote address be online?

  2. hi lynda, we only have audio, hadn’t planned to upload that because the lecture depended on images so much. however, call me if you want to listen to the audio. best, tina

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